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December 21, 2009

Change Password functionality in SIEBEL

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SIEBEL provides the facility for the end users to change the password using thin client or dedicated client. However this feature is not enabled by default.
If you navigate to Tools –>User Preferences, the fields password and verify password are greyed out and read only.
To enable this functionality, follow these steps. This is assuming you are using the default Database authentication.

Login to Siebel as SADMIN

Navigate to Administration – Server Configuration –> Profile Configuration

Select the profile “DB Security Adapter”

Change the parameter “Propagate Changes” to True

Then restart the SIEBEL and Gateway servers.


December 16, 2009

Apply Tables hangs at Find Tables step in Local DBF in 8.1.1

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We recently came across issue where applying column extensions in Local DBF is hanging at Find Tables step. We tried several user id/password combinations and none of them worked.

Finally we found the issue to be with LOG levels in Local work station. We followed the below steps and it works now in less than 5 minutes.

Change the log level to ‘0’. Edit the environment variable ‘SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS’ AND set it to ‘0’. If this particular env variable doesn’t exisit add it and set to ZERO.

Use the following username/pwd combination:

Username : SIEBEL
Pwd: Login Id of the Developer for whom Local DBF is extracted

Hope this saves valuble debugging time.

This problem/solution is for Siebel 8.1.1 SIA

December 14, 2009

Workflow Routing to Mobile Clients

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Workflow Routing to Mobile Clients:

In Siebel 8.1.1 the activated workflows are not routed to Local DBF’s. This is because the default replication level set for Workflows during deployment is set to “None”. So whenever a Local DBF is extracted for Developers/Mobile clients, these active workflows are not routed.

The solution for this is to set the Replication level to “All” whenever a workflow is deployed. You can also set the replication level to already activated workflows.

To Set the Replication Level Go to :

Administration – Business Process è Workflow Deployment è Active Workflow Process

Choose the Workflow and Set Replication Level.


Once the Replication level is set, then they will be routed to local dbf whenever they are extracted.


October 26, 2009

SIEBEL ADM – Add New Data Type

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ADM is Siebel provided tool/framework for migrating the application customizations from one environment to the other. The ADM framework already provides many out of box data types for migrating the run time configurations. However there are times where the data type you need may not be provided out-of-box. However ADM framework lets you add a new data very easily. In this post we will see how to add a new Data type to migrate system preferences, which is not provided by Siebel ADM as out-of-box.
Following are the high level steps involved:

Activities to be performed in Tools:
• Create a new integration objected based on Business Object “System Preferences”
o Inactivate any of the components/fields not required for migration
• Create a new Content Object based on this new integration Object.
• The Content Object View should be set to view name “System Preferences”. However this depends on the data type you are planning to use. This Content Object View should be set to a view that has its top applet based on Primary BC of the BO for which the data type is being created.
• Compile the changes

Activities to be performed on Thin Client:

Following activities need to be performed on thin/web client.
• Add the new data type to ADM
• Navigate to Application Deployment Manager  Data Type Details. Click New
• Add the Name/Description of the Data type and choose the content object newly created. Make sure Active flag is checked
• Test the changes.

The steps performed in thin/web client need to be repeated in each target env first time before importing the ADM xmls for this new data type.

This is tested in SIEBEL 8.1.1 SIA.

Activating Multiple Workflows in SIEBEL 8.1.1

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For the SIEBEL projects that use Workflows heavily, there is need to activate multiple workflows after each major migration. The SIEBEL vanilla provides a button in Workflow deployment view to activate one Workflow at a time. However if there is a need to activate more number of workflows (in our case 50), this is not a good option.

There two ways to deal with this problem.

1. Add a button in the Workflow Deployment view and write script to activate multiple workflows. Basically you need to loop through each workflow selected and activate one by one

2. Use “Workflow Admin Service” business service and pass the multiple workflow names as input.

In this post we will see how to use “Workflow Admin Business Service” to activate multiple workflows.

Go to Administration –> Business Service –>Simulator View

Add the following in the top applet.

Service Name: “Workflow Business Service”

Method       : “Activate”

In the “Input Arguments” Applet Click New.

Click on the Property Name MVG

Add the Property: FlowSearchSpec

Add the Value: [Process Name] = ‘<Your Wf Name>’

For passing multiple workflow names as input use : [Process Name] = ‘<Your Wf Name1>’ OR [Process Name] = ‘<Your Wf Name2>’ OR [Process Name] = ‘<Your Wf Name..n>’

Then click Run on the Top Applet.

You can see the number of workflows activated in the “Output Arguments” applet. The property name is “NumFlowActivated”.

However one of the missing things is if you multiple process names are passed as arguments, the business service returns only the number of Workflows activated, and no list of successful/failed workflows.

This method can be used to activate multiple workflows at once, saving the deployment time in SIEBEL.

This business service is available in SIEBEL 8.1.1 SIA.

October 19, 2009

First Post

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In this blog, I am planning to share all my experiences with Siebel, and information which you can use in your day-to-day Siebel Development and Administration.

Hello world!

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